Initially this website was constructed because my art teacher said if we wanted to apply for art at universities they would want a folder of some of our artwork accompanying the application. That´s when my 18 year old self thought `Why not make a website (all by myself, without any knowledge of web design whatsoever)? This way – should I decide to apply for art in the future – I won´t have to send over originals, plus the people responsible for the application process will be able to see all of my artwork not just part of it.´ Well, I never applied for the subject art but still, the website existed. So I continued working on it and adding new categories. Till this day the motivation behind it is that I like

1. becoming better at the things I already know how to do,

2. learning new things

3. and proving (most of all to myself) that if I want to, I can do it - whatever it is I put my mind up to.